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61H - Siemens 61H Relay Booster. High volume boosting | 100 psig...

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Siemens 61H Relay Booster. High volume boosting | 100 psig max pressure | control relay Simple Type: Relays

Designed to meet high-speed control applications, the Model 61H F/R Booster Relay produces a high volume boosting action. Its primary purpose is for use with valve positioners, although it can be used by itself for the high volume of air it can control. (This relay is not normally used in measuring circuits.) The relay contains an integral stabilizing bypass valve, eliminating the need for an externally piped bypass. The bypass opening is controlled by a screwdriver adjustment in the body of the relay which permits tuning for optimal dynamic response. Opening this valve improves the stability of the positioner/relay/actuator circuit.

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  • Accuracy of 1:1 Ratio: 5% (based on 3-15 psi input)
  • Ambient Temperature Limits: -40° to +180°F (-40° to +82.2°C)
  • Input Pressure: 100 psig max.
  • Linearity: 0.4% (based on 3-15 psi input)
  • Materials of Construction: Delrin, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Buna-N, epoxy polyester powder coat, nickel plate; diaphragm material: nitrile on polyester
  • Maximum Flow Coefficient [Cv]: 0.9 Supply; 1.1 Exhaust
  • Reproducibility: 0.1% (based on 3-15 psi input)
  • Supply Pressure: 100 psig max.



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